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SPA services

Romantic and non-restful recreation at Mazmezotne Manor SPA, with energy-restoring rituals in the woods of the country estate.

SPA offer:

aroma - steam bath

salt - steam bath


massage bath

foot bathtubs

warm sofas,




Spa services for 2 hours:


1-2 visitors - 125,00 EUR 

3 and more... - 60,00 EUR / person


Included in the price: lounge, tea, towel, slippers

  Extra features:

aroma - steam chairs

aroma - steam spa cask from Siberian cedar pine

50,00 EUR

towel or bucket - 2,00 EUR  

Each next extra hour is half the price of the existing one 

SPA after advance booking: 25772269, info@mazmezotne.lv, www.mazmezotne.lv

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♦ Rent of Sauna house – € 60 / h

♦ Wooden tub and Sauna – € 150 / h

♦ Bed upstairs of Sauna (to mattress) – € 20 / person


Additional services


Sauna ritual - 450,00 EUR,  2 persons for 4 hours.

Steam cleansing with different kinds of bath besom
Skin treatment (peeling, scrubbing) with natural materials.
Swimming in the tub.
Skin replenishing treatments.
Enjoying tea.


Relaxing massage after sauna rituals - 95.00 EUR / h


Hammam treatment - 495,00 EUR,2 persons for 4 hours.

 Hammam is a widely known Turkish baths, which can purify your body and soul. Hammam ritual consists of heating in the steam sauna, exfoliating treatment with a Kese glove and foam massage.

After the foam massage we invite you to relax and enjoy tea in a lounge or choose from any relaxing body massages with the oil mixture, which richly moisturize purified body skin.


 Lomi lomi massage  - 190,00 EUR, 1 person for 2 hours.

Lomi-Lomi massage – both massage and ritual at the same time. Its roots are in the Hawaiian Islands. Authentically, this massage was used by local shamans to start a new cycle in their lives. This massage creates and maintains well-being that includes both the body and the spirit. Massage is used to remedy the body, cleanse it and heal the spirit. Being in such a state allows you to get rid of stress as well as to look into your soul. 


Sauna rituals by prior reservation(at least 10 days in advance) : 25772269, info@mazmezotne.lv, www.mazmezotne.lv


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